Check out the best vinyl stores in Hong Kong

If you prefer searching for recent indie or classical music releases. You can find a range of record collections at the cool hong kong vinyl stores. There’s nothing greater compared to spending hours going through the bins at a vinyl store hong kong. It usually features a broad selection of underground bands. Such as Beach fossils, Alvvays, and Follakzoid. These vinyl stores in Hong Kong are assured to be full of amazing surprises as the most timeless structure of music.

A complete new generation is discovering vinyl, it’s easier now to buy records and get into the hobby if you have an interest. If you’re a collector, you must understand that not every album is easy to find.

 Explore Hong Kong’s favorite vinyl shops

 Zoo Records

  • Zoo Records is known to be one of the favorite record stores in the heart of Mong Kok. They sell an enchanting array of vinyl from indie rock to shoegaze and psychedelic.
  • The Beat Records
  • The Beat Records is located near the Ladies Market in Mong Kok. The Beat Records covers a broad range of used and modern international classics. From avant-garde to jazz, also the local releases on both CDs and types of vinyl.

vinyl store hong kong

  • Lamma Record Vinyl Store
  • Across the sea on Lamma Vinyl Record store, it’s off the beaten track for a lot of people in the city. The store is down-to-earth and charming, perhaps because of its remote places. So you must visit the area to ensure to make sure to pop by for a culture fix and music.
  • Kubrick
  • A bookstore, bistro, and vinyl shop all in one. Kubrick is situated next to Broadway Cinematheque. Thus, you can venture into the world of records and can catch an indie film. You can spend most of your afternoon easily searching through the expansive Eastern and Western collections. With the merchandise, indie music vinyl, poster, and more.
  • Analog Dept. Records
  • You can check Analog Dept with its industrial building gems. This indie record shop focuses on music from other Asian Countries and Japan. Yet, it also highlights some works by rock and pop artists from the Europe and US.
  • Stone Cold Records
  • Stone Cold Records specializes in pop and rock LPs, box sets, and CDs. Stone Cold Records continuously sources the latest releases from various countries. The shop is also diligent in restocking, so you don’t need to worry about missing your faves. Whether you’re feeling like some alt-rock or reminiscing about the golden days.