What is a Murder Mystery Party and why it is for Families

When you call over your friends to come to join a party, you always find that awkward moment of silence and no one knowing what to say. Instead of sitting around like you don’t know what to do, it’s better to play a game.

When we were teenagers, we used to play drinking games, but now, as adults, and people with families, we prefer other stuff. A great idea is to throw a murder mystery party for families which is something tons of people enjoy these days.

The name sounds scary and it truly is if you don’t know what it is for? If you’re not familiar with the name, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to talk more about this type of gaming and we will explain everything you need to know to organize one. Follow up if you want to be the host of a perfect murder mystery party.

What kind of party this is?

The basic principle of such an event is to create a virtual murder scene in which one of the guests will be murdered by a mysterious person. The rest of the guests should find out who the murderer is and capture him.

In a scene like this, everyone is a suspect. Since no one knows who the killer is, except for the killer, everyone will need to rely on their detective skills and try to find as many clues as possible to locate the one who did it. At the same time, the true killer should avoid exposing themselves.

They should be pointing toward others and try to convince someone else to be blamed. Of course, they shouldn’t do this so much because the others will realize that they are just trying to pin the murder to someone else and will easily be exposed.

The entire guest list receives cards in which their personality, game names, and characteristics are written. They will answer questions based on what they have as a profile. At the same time, all questions they are going to ask will be answered by others based on their received profiles.

Why is it fun for families?

It’s fun because everyone gets to live an evening like someone else. The guests are going to act like someone else for some time. While doing it, they mingle and chat with the others as this is a normal part of the game. See more about the history of this type of games here.

The characters are always made vague, futuristic, socially sophisticated, or other, making everyone feel like they are part of a wonderful Hollywood movie. The origin of the game is actually coming from books and scenarios used for these movies, so it’s not something that no one ever saw before.

How to find a game like this?

There are tons of stores, both physical and online, that provide these types of games. There are hundreds of scenarios and families with a tradition to gather once or twice a month can really build a pattern and explore many different ideas and enjoy the different play.

When you’re searching for these kinds of games, make sure they are as rich as possible with features and items. Lots of these boxes will provide costumes and a setting for the room in which the families will play. Some of them also involve kids which is crucial when it comes to families with children.

Some of these mysteries are mad 18+ so make sure you understand what you’re getting when going through the options. With hundreds of options, you need to be sure that the option you get is the one that will be truly enjoyed by everyone in the room.

A great way to understand if you’re choosing something excellent is to read online what others think about it. Not all murder mysteries are amazing. Some can be really boring. Especially if the families are not very fond of this type of scenario.

For example, if you’re about to play a futuristic scenario, but five out of six people hate being on a space ship fighting with aliens, then the game will be dull and no one will enjoy it. However, if these same people love the idea of a mobster assassination in the late 30s of the 20th century, then this might be an amazing opportunity.

What you should learn through online reviews is whether the creators of this game made it perfectly, or they have many missing links that will make the play non-logical. See what people say and find out which ones are the most popular. Lots of websites provide this type of information. You just need to spend some time researching and reading.

Download a murder mystery of the internet

The best way to get a murder mystery game is to download it off the internet. No need for walking through stores asking the people working there what is it about or anything similar. Just read the scenario, see if you like it, and downloaded it.

If you love getting the props and the costumes together with the story, you can just order the parts through the mail. With today’s technology, it will arrive fast enough, so you have nothing to worry about. Of course, give them a couple of days to pack and send it, especially if you live outside of the big cities.


With everything above, it’s clear that mystery murder games can be excellent fun for game nights in which two or more families gather together. These games can be played with up to 50 people, depending on the type of game you choose. The options are nearly endless. See this link to learn how to throw one: https://www.instructables.com/A-Beginners-Guide-to-Throwing-a-Murder-Mystery-Par/.

Look for the one that will fit best for you and make sure you choose one that everyone will enjoy. Spend an evening with fun and laughter, and make the murder pay for their crime. Of course, don’t call the police on them, but make them do the dishes!