A fresh story that has love, hate, lust

Have you ever fallen in love and experience how it feels to be with someone?


Falling in love is a beautiful experience that everyone faces at some point in life. Maybe college-going girls and boys or colleagues working in the same workplace or anybody gets attracted towards each other. But the feeling of love is sweet when it has true feelings and emotions. The same can take different shapes in the form of hate and lust with some people when they fail to get their love in their lives. This concept has been taken up very beautifully by some of the Telugu movies. These movies have worked on every face, may it be a commitment, intimacy, and passion. The way Telugu movies have portrayed love, care, affection, attraction, and trust cannot be seen in another film industry. The list is so long in such a category and can be explored in OTT platforms.


One such beautiful Telugu movie being streamed on aha is maavintagaadhavinuma movie onlineA fantastic movie shows what love is and what difficulties one has to face in a relationship as the road of love is never too smooth to run. Knowing about a relationship that starts with love and somehow moves to be hated by each other followed by a separation then maavintagadhavinuma is a movie for you to watch.


The movie is about Siddhu, who is carefree and doesn’t seem to have a purpose in life. He falls in love with a girl Vineetha, in the same college and tries to propose to her for many years, but he couldn’t do it due to some uncertain circumstances. After trying for so long, he proposes to her, and she agrees to get into a relationship with her. But fortune has some other plans in store for them, an incident takes place, and they both get married while they are drunk. The video of this incident gets viral, which becomes a reason for them to break up. After this incident, how they try to find a way out for them is all in the movie.

The movie is a nice blend of romance and comedy that will make you watch this movie at least once.


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