Ways to Get Heard Over SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the biggest and important music communities online. They have disrupted in a way we know music distribution online. They give the independent artists the right space they want for the DIY music SoundCloud promotion. However, they provide plenty of other helpful l tools too. Using it effectively can amplify the project & get SoundCloud music plays from SoundCloud followers. Let us check out SoundCloud promotion tips and get the music heard: There are plenty of them and this guide can get you a bit educated on the useful ones to grow your following.

Tag for success

Tagging can make you discoverable if any listener is looking for SoundCloud. Better your tags, easier it is to find you. One of the best ways of tagging is to stay honest. Suppose you made the drum and bass track, set your main genre to the Drum and Bass. Add moods & location to the tags too. It helps.

Add ‘Buy’ Link

Getting listens & likes is very good. However, likes and listens will not buy you new mic that you are eyeing. Fortunately SoundCloud allows you to add the ‘Buy’ link to the track upload. You just have to click on ‘Metadata’ tab while you are uploading.

Tell Story with Waveform

SoundCloud enables their fans to comment over your waveform. However, y’know who must be commenting on a waveform? YOU! You can use waveform comments for telling your fans & community about the process. Stay transparent on how you made the track and ask for the feedback & mention any specific sections. Something like: “Not much sure about bass here. Give your thought” is a perfect play to get feedback from the community. You do not need to be totally done a track for publishing it either. You can publish drafts, get the feedback, and make music better.

Get album art right

Suppose your track is embedded on the blog your artwork can be there. Suppose you share the track to Facebook then your album art will go there too. The album art and track artwork represents the music doesn’t matter where this goes. Thus it is very important. Before anybody hits play an artwork attached to the track needs to stand out. Thus, make this count and select something that actually represents your music & you. The album art and track artwork represents the music doesn’t matter where this goes.

 Share your tracks privately before releasing

SoundCloud allows you to share the private links to tracks. It is good for sharing any unfinished tracks with the collaborators, sending any demos to the labels and blogs, and contacting outlets like the radio stations with all exclusives.