Ryan Kavanaugh And His Love For Animals

Ryan Kavanaugh is a very accomplished executive in the movie industry. But aside from being busy with the movie industry, Kavanaugh is making himself preoccupied with helping others through philanthropy. If you want to know what he has done so far, then you have come to the right place. Here’s what has been keeping Ryan Kavanaugh busy.

Kavanaugh Helps The Animals

Homelessness is not only a problem of the human race. Many animals are out there in the streets, and being captured and euthanized. It is one of the reasons why Ryan Kavanaugh wants to help these animals. He is a huge supporter of Dog for Dog so that he can help feed those dogs that are in need. They donate food to the local and national shelters.

And for every product that is purchased, a dog is saved from euthanasia. Because of the love that he has for animals, Ryan Kavanaugh also acquired FreeHand, a pet food company that is working towards ending euthanasia. Facts reveal that millions of animals living in shelters and pounds are getting euthanized each year.

Ryan Kavanaugh

Free College Education For Unfortunate Children

Aside from the animals, Kavanaugh also helps children who are in need. A college education is a luxury for those who cannot afford. We have to admit, going to college is very expensive. Parents need to be ready with financial support if they want their children to go to college. Sometimes, these students end up getting loans to support their education to the point that even after years of graduating, they are deep in debt because of these loans.

Through the Kavanaugh Family Foundation, this movie mogul supports organizations like Fulfilment Fund. their goal is to empower the youth through education. They help as many children as they can. After attending UCLA, Ryan Kavanaugh immediately entered the business world. He knows the importance of education when it comes to achieving success in life, which is why he and his family is doing his best to help other children who want to go to college.

Ryan Kavanaugh As A Movie Mogul

Becoming a movie mogul has never been easy for Ryan Kavanaugh. At such a young age, he is considered one of the most successful men in this industry. He had been through ups and downs throughout the years, but this 45-year-old mogul will not let anything put him down. He is moving on from his past and what he considers the “mistakes” that he has done.