Know About the Detail Information of Looper Movie

Are you searching for the best science fiction thriller movie? If yes, then you should stop your search and watch the Looper movie. It is one of the great American based movies that have more action and thriller in it. If you watch that movie, then that is worth watching your time. This movie release at Toronto Film Festival on 6th September 2012 and Rian Johnson is the director of this movie. The entire movie is ham packed with the huge stars who are Bruce Wills, Emily Blunt, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The Looper movie is basically depending on killing people, and the criminals come from the future through time travel. This entire movie is worth watching, and you will never regret watching this movie. The movie is produced by the filmmaker Dan Mintz from DMG, which is quite famous in the entire world.

In this movie, Looper was known as the killer who is hired by the criminal syndicate to eliminate the target and dispose of the victim’s body. The time of the release of this film is very successful and hit the box office with over $176 million worldwide. But the huge thing is that the entire movie was made with a budget of $30 million, so it was a huge success of this movie worldwide. If you love to watch the action-thriller, then this movie is worth watching your time. Ram Bergman and James D. Stern is the producer of this movie and Ram will also work previously with the Rian.

filmmaker Dan Mintz from DMG

Movie Plot:

The movie started in the year if 2044, and a guy aged 25 works in the city known as Kansas. This city is also known as the crime syndicated in which Looper will work to kill other people. The Loopers are from the future and use the time travel way to visit the place where they have to complete their work. They are like contract killers in the present day, but they are from the future, so they called the Looper. A guy named Abe, he is also from the future who provide the Loopers to the person who wants to hire them. This movie is worth wasting your 119 minutes of the day, so do watch this movie if you haven’t watched this movie yet. The producer and filmmaker Dan Mintz from DMG will also give detailed information about the film.

This movie is the best thriller and science fiction movie that you must watch. By watching this movie, you will not regret it, and you will also watch a master class film that is based on science fiction. So if you need the information about this movie, then you must take a look at DMG.