Tips to help you find a reliable and legally operating online streaming site for movies

Watching movies have never been easier because of online streaming sites that you can access from your computer or your smartphone. It is totally convenient, fun, and free, however, which one is operating legally and follows the law?

If you certainly found a free streaming site for movies and television shows, the first thing you should know if it operates legally because you might end up on the wrong side of the fence considering that there are a lot of strict laws and regulations that combat piracy and intellectual property rights which will surely land you to jail if you are caught red-handed, however, not everyone knows how to spot a legally operating online streaming site for movies and television shows.

Lucky for you because in this article, let us talk about how to tell if a streaming movie site online is legal and safe by reading a considerable list of tips that you can use when you are searching on your browser.


  1. Requires a paid subscription- Online streaming sites that provide movie and series with a paid subscription such as Netflix, Hulu, and a lot more are legally following the laws imposed on piracy by featuring movies that already released its DVD and Blu-ray versions in the market a few years back and also they have gained the copyrights to air or stream the movies they have obtained legally. Usually, these sites are paid through a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription and also different membership levels where your access to it is determined on what level you are.
  2. All content is on digital format and high-definition quality- Considering that they already obtained the copyrights of the movies and the series it features for its customers; you should expect that as a subscriber you expect nothing less from them as a source. One of the most common ways to spot a fake and illegally operating online streaming site is cam-corded movies that have poor quality and these movies are illegally recorded inside movie houses or theaters.
  3. Has a complete genre from movies to television shows- Quality service is the most important matter to these streaming sites that are legally operating so that their customers will continue to patronize them. To provide its customers great-quality content, a lot of paid streaming sites produce their own movies, documentaries, and series just like Netflix to draw more people from subscribing to its site and application while some feature independent films and documentaries to provide exposure to small-time filmmakers.
  4. Does not feature explicit and pornographic content- In order to protect its customers especially children, legally operating streaming sites prohibit themselves from featuring explicit, violent, and pornographic movies and shows. One of the most common ways to find out if an online streaming site operates illegally is that it has an adult category where pornographic films are being featured. Legitimate online streaming sites do not allow this considering that children have also access to it so do not expect that you come across a pornographic content to a legally operating site.