The Mexico and More for Your Entertainment

Spectators from all over the world will see in 2019 again the Israeli actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, this time walking along the beaches of Fuerteventura or Tenerife and Terminator (in the sixth film of the saga) making his own in the Madrid neighborhoods of Lavapies or Pueblo Nuevo, transformed into the streets of a Mexican town. In addition to scenes shot in Almeria, Murcia or Salamanca. They are only two of the great international shootings that at the end of this edition were underway in Spain, without counting commercials and documentaries. You can watch movies free online with the best of Mexico now.

The Game of Thrones

The followers of the Game of Thrones series have enjoyed in the last three seasons of scenarios filmed in 2014, 2015 and 2016 throughout the national territory,Castellón, Navarra, Guipúzcoa, Cáceres or Seville, which also visited the protagonists of Star Wars: The attack of the clones (2002) for a scene in which the Plaza de Españaone of the most requested scenarios by international producersbecomes a palace on the planet Naboo for a few minutes.

  • From the great superproductions of Samuel Bronston in the 60s, through the Western spaghetti or the ‘Roman’ films of the 70s, until today, Spain has developed over the last 50 years a vigorous audiovisual industry with Highly qualified professionalsshooting studios, photography technicians, sound, editing, specialists and action doubles, transport and catering companies, sets, extras, etc.that supports an activity capable of generating millions of euros of revenue, In addition to assuming a first-class international tourist showcase.

The Industries

As with other industries, such as the automobile industry, during the 60s and 70s of the last century, Hollywood blockbusters found in Spain a great diversity of locations in the same territoryfrom desert landscapes to authentic medieval castles, the fruit of a rich cultural heritage and artisticat a cost much lower than that of their country of origin.

The development of tourism in Spain, which also started these years, led to the construction of modern hotel and transport infrastructure, which together with a privileged climateespecially in the south, Mediterranean coast and islands, boosted the international shootings, which lived its golden age Currently, the tax incentives approved in 2017which involve the return of the total investment of the production of up to 20% (with a limit of 3 million euros) nationwide, 40% in the Canary Islands and 30% in Andalusia have boosted this activity, although the sector claims to increase them further to compete with other European countries.

  • Colmenar Viejo, located north of Madrid, came to have its own studios and housed hundreds of shootings, including 55 days in Beijing (1963) and the famous scene of the battle of Spartacus (1960), where 8,500 soldiers of the Spanish army they worked as figurants, in addition to a multitude of European Westerns, for which a ‘city of the West’ was built in which up to 200 films of the genre were filmed.