Love for Music

Music is an art. It is performed using a vast range of instruments and different vocal techniques. Our music is a great part of our history and culture. It is an important key role in religious rituals, cultural and social activities, and different ceremonies.

Music became a hobby and a job as a professional singer or musician. Nowadays, there are a lot of musicians around the world who are making their music. It became a hobby and a job as a professional singer or musician. Songwriters and composers share their music with others. Some are writing to perform by artists. Some were performing as an individual artist and as a group.

Who does not love music?

In our century, music has been a part of our daily lives. It became our way of expressing our feelings and emotions. Creativity and passion are needed in creating your music. There is a common saying, “it is music to my ears,” wherein it means it is pleasant to hear. It is more than entertainment.

Love for Music

We have our own types or taste interested in music. There are different music genres. Some popular genres that we know are namely:

  • Written musical tradition – It includes historical and traditional music. Composers of songs were known rather than the performer in history.
  • Popular music – It is found in public places such as department stores, tv commercials, movie soundtracks, and radio stations.
  • Reggae – Most known reggae songs are about social criticism and religion. Also, the songs are lighter and more personal.
  • Rock music – It is known by its loud music, as it is originated from “rock and roll” in the United States. It is often used as a way to protest and associated in politics. It started to release songs about drugs and other social issues.
  • Rhythm and blues – Soul music popularized, and people fell in love with this. It is known to play about love, pain, freedom, and joy.
  • Religious songs – In our rituals and ceremonies, we use religious songs to show adoration to our Creator. We express our faith through songs of worship.
  • Hip hop music – It is commonly known as “rap music.” It includes rhyming of words, beatboxing, rapping with interesting use of words.

Music has the power to change our mood. The different genres of music have their way of interpreting any story behind every song. It gave us relaxation throughout the day or after stressful work or day.

In our digital era, we can easily access to different songs. The young generation has greatly exposed to local and international music. Any genre that we want can easily access through the Internet. Through sites like mlindo ngithanda wena mp3 download, music is one click away from our ears.