How to Watch Free and Legit Movies Online?

Movies are one of the best source of entertainment among people for decades. When someone says “Free movies or TV shows”, the first thing that strikes in our mind is ‘Piracy’. And also it is sensible as you should pay to watch movies since they weren’t made for free for sure. There is a lot of expense involved right from writing scripting to putting the movie on the screen worldwide. But, there are certain legit sites which are offering back-in-date and latest movies and TV shows online at free of cost. It saves your disk space, time and money. Additionally, it enables you to watch a movie any time from any platform.

There are thousands of websites on the internet which offer you free and legit movies. Below we have mentioned top online streaming websites which offer a variety of free movies and TV shows.

Tubi TV

Tubi Tv gives an assortment of free streaming movies arranged into kinds like Documentary, Comedy, Romance, Kids and some more. It highlights numerous science fiction religion works of art like The Running Man and Man from Earth. It also includes reality television shows and foreign-language classics. While viewing the film, you can turn on/off the captions, pick which HD position you need to view and play the movie in full screen. You can also add a film to your customized line if you want to watch it later.


Popcornflix shows full and new online streaming service providers; however with limited advertisements. They have more than 1500 movies, and the best part is, new movies are being added now and then. The order of movies proficiently makes it simple to utilize. You scan the movies and click on the play catch Popcornflix is a marvelous option for free, legitimate movie streaming.

On the other hand, Popcorn Flix has an authority YouTube channel where you can buy in and get a warning of the latest movies uploaded


If you are searching for a free alternative to Netflix, SnagFilms is the site you should bookmark and visit. It works in new content, and the library has more than 2,000 films, accounts, shows and documentaries including unique satire short movies. Try not to get disillusioned by the missing commercial movies for it just hosts lesser-known movies. The films are very much masterminded into various kinds to browse, and it additionally supports ad.


Couchtuner is one of the best online video content streaming websites. It generally features movies. But, with increasing demand worldwide it includes top IMBD movies, and top watched TV series. Over 20,000 movies with no charge and subscription users can watch movies and TV shows anytime from any platform. If you are looking for all painstakingly made documentaries which change your point of view, switch to

So choose the best online movie streaming websites mentioned above to enjoy watching your favorite movies or Tv shows with your family and friends in just a click!