How to learn Acoustic-Electric guitar alone just in 2 steps

Before reading this article, ask the following questions to yourself.

Do you feel like a real passion for the guitar?

Do you want to play your favorite songs?

Do you want to learn this beautiful instrument?

Yeah, but you’ve never touched an acoustic-electric guitar and you don’t know how to learn on your own?

I’ve been there, too, and I’ve been trying for hundreds of hours to find a ready-made answer on the internet to find out what I should do better.

If you want to save time, here is my feedback, what I advise you not to do and what I advise you to do:

Here are the main points of my advice:

Before you start, really ask yourself the right questions that will guide your practice

Then pick a guitar that suits you.

Then find the right information or select a method to learn at your own pace

I come back and I will detail all of these issues in the following section.

In the meantime, for the rest of the article, I would make this assumption: you know you want to learn to play guitar and you don’t know yet exactly where to start.

If you’re trying to motivate yourself to know whether or not you should learn the guitar or not, whether you hesitate with the piano, the saxophone or the flute. this article is not really for you.

Step 1: Start by asking yourself what you want to do with your acoustic-electric guitar

Before you jump in and buy a guitar, a method, take lessons or watch all the videos available on the internet, it would be wise to ask yourself a few questions.

You can answer them very easily and they will save you a lot of time afterward.

Your answers to these questions are like a compass that will let you know where you want to go and not scatter.

You can ask the following type of question to yourself

What do I want to learn on guitar?

Step 2: Discover and choose your guitar

There is an impressive number of guitars.

They come in all shapes and colors. When you start, you will have to choose a guitar that you like but that is also easy to play and not too expensive.

Why pick a guitar you like?

You have to pick a guitar that you like because you’re gonna spend a lot of time with it.

You must like it both visually and musically. It’s important that you like the contact with the guitar you choose. If it hurts you, it’s too heavy, or you don’t like the material, pick the one you like. Also, make sure you like the sound she makes.

Why choose an easy guitar to play?

For your first guitar, you want it to be easy to play. Easy to play this means it has a simple design, not too big strings and a sleeve designed for the beginner.

Why pick a cheap guitar?

It doesn’t have to be too expensive because you don’t know yet if you’ll stay motivated for years and a guitar can be very expensive. Sometimes you will hear advice, coming from great musicians, that it is better to learn about the best instrument you can afford. As true as it is, when you are a beginner, I think your budget should be limited to to€ 200 or even€300. There is a very good guitar to start with that costs less than that.

For a detailed exploration of guitars with guitar recommendations based on your budget, style, and level, you can download the guitarist’s purchase guide. I made it available for FREE here.