Get In Touch With Green Acres & Plan Your Wedding In Rustic Barn At Affordable Rates

Are you planning your wedding and looking for the perfect space in Minneapolis? If you are considering a beautiful and affordable barn for your wedding, you will not find a more suitable place than Green Acres Events Center. Situated in the heart of the Minneapolis area, Green Acres is a highly renowned and leading wedding event center. Being one of the best wedding event centers in the Minneapolis area, Green Acres features a multitude of modern-day amenities and useful perks to its customers. This article talks about the benefits that you can get by booking a wedding in a rustic barn at Green Acres Events Center.

Benefits Of Arranging Your Wedding In A Rustic Barn

You can avail the following benefits by reaching out to Green Acres Event Center and having your wedding in a rustic barn.

  1. Professional Vendors And Premium Service

When you host your event at Green Acres, you will have access to our helpful event manager, catering manager, and facilities manager. Each of our managers will help you plan your big day to perfection. We care about our clients, and that is why we offer not only the best staff, but also award-winning catering vendors – Sterling, Green Mill, and Deco Catering all offer phenomenal menus and service to all of our guests.

  1. Modern Day Amenities

You needn’t be concerned about things such as weather conditions and lighting as Green Acres offers all the modern day amenities. The barn is completely heated, and it has air conditioning facilities as well. Most importantly, it has a premium sound system, lighting system along with capacious indoor and outdoor spaces for the convenience and comfort of your guests.

  1. Exceptional Historic Charm

The best thing about Green Acres is its exceptional historic charm. Dating back to 1942, the barn has been renovated and modernized by the latest standards. Additionally, the Gothic arched roofs and real materials in the age-old barn in Eden Prairie are a delight to the eye. Even after modernization of the barn, it hasn’t lost its unique charm in the least bit.

  1. Fantastic Spaces For Entertainment

There are a total of three entertainment spaces at Green Acres. The well-decorated reception space covers an area of 3,000 square foot, and it can easily accommodate a large crowd. The loft area features spectacular crystal chandeliers, magnificent arched ceilings, and well-built hardwood floors. It also boasts a super efficient AV and light system to inculcate life into the ambiance. If you’re fond of the open environment, you can enjoy the top-notch outdoor spaces.

Final Words

A wedding is indubitably one of the most significant events of one’s life. On this account, it’s imperative that you book a good space and plan your wedding in the best way possible. Furthermore, Green Acres Event Center offers a splendid combination of historic charm and the latest amenities to help you throw a remarkably memorable celebration. So feel free to get in touch with Green Acres Event Center in order to schedule an appointment and arrange your wedding in a rustic barn at inordinately reasonable prices.