Angelina Jolie –Best Movies So Far

Angelina Jolie, the name is so popular in both film industries and fashion worlds, recently her name has popularized because of her humanitarian works and adaptation of kids. She is most desirable women and watchable movie celebrities over a decade. She gave marvelous performances in several films, which makes us think she is a natural, talented actress. She played key roles in several blockbusters hit movies. She is named as the highest paid actress in the Hollywood industry, she bagged three golden globe awards for her performances in different films, each film she played a role definitely given a fine performance appreciation from the critics.


At the point when Gia Carangi first lands in New York City, she’s a delightful drop-out from Philadelphia is brashly blasting through the shut entryways of top demonstrating operators Wilhelmina Cooper. With her beautiful posture and glamourous attractive personality and sexual appearance makes her onto the covers of the top American magazines. But her fate in goes another way, soon she finds that being loved by the world and being loved by one so different.


In 1928, a single living mother finds her gone after coming home from the work. She files a case with police and after five months, a boy found with the missing description, boy says he is her son. As she came to know that he is not her boy, but the police arrange the photos and reunite the mother and son. She sticks with her statement that the boy is not her son and for that police blames her as a liar. She starts fighting with government while a cop goes into the deep search of this case.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

The film contains brilliant screenplay and entertaining elements, the both couples are bored with their married life, the life is quite and just going routine way until they find truths about each other. They were the agents/specially trained assassins who were on the role to kill the people. But there comes a time when have to kill each other as orders received from their officials.

Lara Craft: Tomb Raider

The film is based on the famous videogame series, in this game, Lara Craft an archeologist and famous antiquities hunter given the task by a secret society person. The secret society, people required a precious ancient talisman that can give power to control the time. So, Lara goes on the hunt for that talisman with available resources and clues, finally she takes care of it by not letting it fall into bad peoples’ hands.

Other films like wanted, the bone collector, the tourist, taking lives,original sin, Alexander, without evidence, gone in sixty seconds, salt are famous for her acting talent. You can watch the all movies at or