For the love of fans

What do you see when you scroll through your Facebook feed? You come across some very interesting, informative and entertaining videos and pictures from varied websites. There are funny and cute animal videos, pictures, educational videos as well as informative and entertaining ones.

Facebook is the perfect place to connect with your audience, it being such a popular social media. The videos and pictures that a website shares on Facebook is sure to bring in a lot of traffic to the website. And, the more the traffic, the better ranking the website receives.

Facebook is a great way to reach your audience, build trust and gain precious viewership, too. Whatever be your website, be it about pets, crafts, fashion, food or a site like NOW Entertainment, sharing videos with your subscribers is bound to bring in more traffic. Well, your subscribers are sure to share the content from your Page once they find it impressive!

So, how do you send the videos?

Share your Facebook Page widely:

Share your website link with the videos and pictures you share on Facebook. If there is no link how will people reach your site and learn about it?

NOW Entertainment

Make use of the Facebook Page to share your link in the ‘About’ tab, apart from some information about what your website is all about, some pictures and videos and also the link to your site. Make sure you have the most important feature—the Call-to-action button on your Facebook Page.  This button gives people a chance to visit your website or an email sign-up page. The Call-to-action button is the second most important feature after the ‘Like’ button for your website.

Share fresh content on a regular basis: 

Maintaining a blog for your website and postingregularly and sharing the blog post on your Facebook Page will help people know about your activities. Like NOW Entertainment, you can talk about your activities, your latest merchandise if you create any. This will help people learn more about your website and about you as a brand. People like reading new content and if it is informative apart from being entertaining, then you are sure to get more audience.

Include sharing buttons on your website: 

People who visit your website to read your content would like to share it on the various social media platforms they frequent. So, include share buttons for all the social media. It will help them share your content and you, in turn, will get more visitors.

Use attractive visual content: 

The pictures and videos you share on your blog need to be attractive and impressive enough to grab attention, get more engagement and shares and comments. People will love to respond to your content, interact with other viewers or readers and this will help you gain popularity.


For a website, or a brand, to gain success and a fan following, it is imperative to communicate with the audience. A website that does it all through pictures, videos, and fresh new content stands to gain the trust of its subscribers and earn new fans.