Euro Truck Simulator 2 the Complete Game Guide

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 published by SCS Software is one of the popular vehicle simulator games today.  The truck simulator series has the players driving their choice of trucks across a place that is designed to be a depiction of Europe. The players start off as hired drivers but as the game progresses they can buy their own trucks and home garage using the in-game money earned. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not the first of its kind and is a sequel to a previous version of the game called Euro Truck Simulator. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 download is available on all the three operating systems that is Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Handling the Controls 

For playing the game there are three types of controls that are required. The first categories of controls are the vehicle controls. Some of the examples of these types of controls include

  • Up Arrow/ W Key is used for giving acceleration to the truck.
  • Down Arrow/ S Key can be used to reverse the vehicle.
  • Shift+Up Arrow signifies gear up and Ctrl signifies gear down.
  • The significance of a few other keys are B for engine breaking, L for lights mode, K for Main Beams Headlights, H for sound signals and O for warning lights.

After vehicle controllers, there are certain keys that signify interface controllers. The examples of such controllers include F2 for controlling mirrors, F3 switching between modes of route advisor, F10 for print screen and many more. Lastly, there are certain camera controls as well like 1 for the interior camera, 2 for following camera and 3 for the vertical camera. More information about the controls is available online.


Earning Money and Experience Points 

There is a lot of in-game money that as a player one can earn and use in the game to progress further. Apart from this, the players are also given experience points that can be used to gain bonuses in the game. For every order that you complete in Euro Truck Simulator 2 download as a driver, you can earn money and experience points. The money can be used to make in-game purchases while the accumulation of experience points can help you level up. For example, the level one requires a minimum of 200 experience points. Now if you have accumulated 700 experience points you move to level 2, with 1400 points its level 3 and so on. You reach level 17 after accumulating 31,100 points and are termed as a pro. The experience points gained, kilometers traveled and other statistical data are available in the player’s profile. After each level that you cross you are awarded a point. These can be used to upgrade your skills as a driver. These upgrades are available in six categories. The first is ADR which allows you to transport dangerous substances. The next is a long distance upgrade which allows you to travel further and gain more bonus. The thirds are valuable cargo which allows you to take orders that are more profitable. Then there is fragile cargo allowing you to transport glass, electronics etc. Delivery on time, it ensures that you can take orders with short delivery time. Lastly, eco-driving which ensures that the drive is economical and there is no major fuel consumption.