The downside of free services that people hate

Paid services or premium services; it’s the 2 that gets the most debate over which is better. Each has its strength but because of customer experience, many people choose to have paid subscriptions which is known premium. Why they choose a premium one instead of a free service is something that you’ll be able to understand once you get the chance to have. Here are the top reasons why people opt for premium services:

Ads: One of the things that people get tired and get annoyed about is ADS. It disrupts the viewing or listening experience. It’s understandable why companies have ads and it’s tolerable if the frequency is not that high. This is because of the SEO rate and the branding that ads give. But there are some that put ads in almost everything that affects the positive experience. “You don’t want ads? Pay for the premium!” kind of a mentality makes these companies practice gut-wrenching type of business. For that reason alone, a lot of people will just turn away than get their paid subscription.

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Options: One of the good example for this is Spotify. Everybody has Spotify, but there are some users who never continued because of the lack of capabilities, features from its free service and not to mention the ads. Spotify is free, but what do you get with a free service? You can only shuffle sounds and…. That’s pretty much it really (boring). You can’t fast forward, backward or select other songs because of its limitations. Not to mention has ads and you can’t download the music into your device. This is options must be free – to give users the optimum experience.

Selections: The selections that you get are pretty basic, unlike premium ones where it has a ton like additional genres, music or videos that you can’t access or download in free subscriptions. These may just be add-ons for some but you can’t deny that it can affect the experience that is why people opt for the premium ones.

The quality: 720P, 1080P and 4k, it’s all that matters now as our tv screen and technology becomes more advanced and capable of creating and able to view video files that are of high quality. With free services, you will not be able experience the great wonders and maximize the capacity of your device or television because you can’t download or stream this in high quality.

MP3 websites: that offer free mp3 download are guilty of everything mentioned above or less. There’s really nothing bad about having a free website, what is bad is if the features and selections are bad, not to mention being flooded by a ton of ads just by clicking one function. But there is a better choice, you would think today that there really isn’t a better website around to cater to your needs in getting a good free services until this mp3 website comes along and sweep you off your feet.

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