Keep in touch with your friends using this google application

With the advent on technology, we have been come across many entertainment factors, and the most common entertainment factor is texting with the friends. If we ask the recent generation people, they are using lots of messaging application in order to connect with their friends all the time. With the help of the messaging applications, most of the urgent messages are transferred easily. In order to encourage those things, google has invented the smart kind of messaging service by using the Allo in order to serve up the contextual suggestions. Some of the assistant lives in as the chat bot in Allo, and you can also invoke then to offer most of the recommendations on some nearby points of interest, playing games with it, conveying jokes, and much more things. This will suggest that some kind of contextual replies in the conversation will provide you with many score updates for the sports team, along with some new updates, weather forecasting, and so on. Some kind of interaction with the above google assistance will be designed to be conversational in nature, and this will also tell the best kind of bad joke. If you are the type of person who started with this new kind of messaging service by google, you can get the detailed information when you go through this.

First off all, you have to understand that Allo is not actually the hangout replacement. You cannot set the messaging service as default form of SMS clients on the mobile phone. This does not offer certain ability to message the contact which does not have the Allo installed using the play store service, but that is about this. You can also talk to your contacts over this SMS service, with the message itself routed through the servers of google, but Allo is not actually designed as the SMS service. In this regard, his messaging application has more similarities to the whatsapp messaging application than the iMessaging application. by using this application, you will realize this is the perfect replacement when compared with some other messaging applications.