Enjoy New Year with friends

Have a group of fun loving friends? This New Year, pack your bags and set off for this route. Those who love to drive know the pleasure of driving a car on National Highway 17. This picturesque route is the most enjoyable road trip for a gang of friends. Smooth highways and several dhabas beside the road make it a journey to remember. The road journey leads to the beach party in Goa which is the source of all the more excitements. It takes almost 10 hours to drive the distance. It is not possible to drive 10 hours at a stretch. If one wants to take a break, then Chiplum is the right place. One can also take a quick visit to the Parashuram Temple there.

Spending the New Year in Goa means, one gets a lovely weather with warm sunlight up there and endless waves waving at them with serene beaches by their side. One can roam around the city and enjoy by the sea with their friends and also take part in the New Year celebrations which will be very much fun.

One can also explore some other places in Goa when they are here. The Arvalem Rock Cut in Goa is the caves of which are also known as the Pandavas Caves. These caves are named after those five brothers who are mentioned in The Mahabharata. These caves are beautiful and famous as historical monuments and these caves are located at a distance of around 36 kilometres from Panaji. These caves are built in such a way that it represents the Buddhist architecture.

One can also discover the quiet serene island called Chorao Island, in North Goa which is covered with back waters from all the sides and is a brilliant site to view migratory birds if you are visiting this place in winter. One can take a ferry and go to the back waters and then spend a day by hiring a Portuguese home which is out for rent. One can also dig into local cuisines there and also go for the famous Goan hiking adventures there.

There are other things as well which are a must when you are there in a full party mood. Travelling to Goa has food as an integral part of it. People try out some delicious sea foods here and the best thing is to go to a village bakery and try out ‘poi’ which is the local Goan bread. This is freshly baked bread with a lovely aroma. In these bakeries one can get a variety of breads like ‘kakon’ (bangle bread), ‘pao’ (white bread), ‘katro’ (butterfly bread). Apart from the local Goanese cuisines, pub hopping is also a thing that one needs to do when you are in Goa. There are plenty of beach shacks where one can get tasty sea foods and cans of beer to enjoy with it.

If you are searching for New Year parties in Goa, then you can always find out plenty of options as it is the ultimate party destination.